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Earth Spirit Yoga has been facilitating Wisdom Keepers Retreats & Expeditions in South America for more than a decade. We have two decades of experience working with powerful high profile traditional spiritual leaders, wisdom keepers and medicine people. We have two decades experience working with Ayahuasca ceremonies and traditional Maestros.

We have the skills, knowledge, wisdom and the necessary relationships to offer a professional and complete service guaranteeing client satisfaction and results.

We have designed our retreats integrating a multitude of powerful experiences to create a focussed, profound and life changing spiritual journey for all.

Earth Spirit Yoga works exclusively with traditional native Medicine People who carry the wisdom and power of an unbroken lineage. These shamans cleanse, purify, regenerate, energise and transform our very being to enable us to heal our bodies and minds and connect more deeply with our own spirit and the world around us.

We fully understand the vital importance of experiencing deep and profound shamanism practices with those of a well established lineage and tradition. Anything else is generally not as deep and is potentially dangerous.

The key factors in this work are gratitude, respect and humility. The ceremonies on these retreats are strong and have the potential to diminish the ego so that real healing and the gaining of true inner wisdom is achievable.

Retreat Facilitators

Gerard and Tanya Williams created Earth Spirit Yoga in 2006 and have successfully facilitated close to 20 retreats in Peru and Bolivia with profound results.

They have worked with traditional native communities, including the Lakota in North America, the Q'ero in Peru and Amazon tribes in Ecuador and Peru for more than 20 years.

This has involved supporting and participating in their ceremonies, maintaining and constructing housing, ceremonial altars, arbors and buildings, keeping sacred fires, collecting wild medicines and ritual plants and apprenticing in plant medicine ritual.

They have been practicing and teaching yoga for many years and have worked and studied in both yoga teacher training programs and ashrams around the world.

They also have completed many years of course study in shamanic and earth medicine practices.

This accumulation of active participation in mostly traditional aspects of yoga and shamanic practices has enabled them to gain much needed knowledge and wisdom to facilitate these powerful experiences in South America.


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Earth Spirit Yoga


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Earth Spirit Yoga

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Tanya Williams

Tanya has more than two decades of experience as a yoga and meditation teacher and a decade of training with the Q’ero Shamans of Peru & with the Maestros of Ayahuasca in the Amazon Jungle.

She works closely with these medicine people and has learnt much from assisting them in ceremony.

During the Ayahuasca ceremonies she assists the Maestro (Plant doctor or Shaman) and all participants.

As retreat facilitator she is fully present, making sure each participant receives the healing and care they need and to make sure all feel safe and comfortable.

Tanya also translates for the Maestro during the Ayahuasca ceremonies as he speaks only Spanish and Quechua.

 Tanya has journeyed with Ayahuasca herself countless times and her experience with Ayahuasca ceremonies and as a teacher of yoga and meditation allow her to easily help guide others through these powerful journeys and later, to process their experiences to gain even deeper insights and awareness.

She has helped guide many people through their deep journeys with Ayahuasca and is a skilled and nurturing presence in these powerful ceremonies.

Tanya is dedicated to helping others to move through their healing stories and transform their lives in a sacred and powerful way and to inspiring a new more Earth honouring vision of the world.

Tanya is a highly experienced retreat facilitator. She has co-coordinated several yoga teacher training retreats and courses and along with Gerard, has facilitated the Earth Spirit Yoga Wisdom Keepers Retreats in Peru and Australia since 2007.  

Tanya started her yoga practice as a child at the age of 8 and has well over 20 years of experience as a yoga and meditation teacher.

She has trained in and taught various styles of yoga since making it her full time profession in 1996.

In 2000 she co-founded the Melbourne Integral Yoga Centre and later lived for some time at Satchidananda Ashram in the United States.

Her work over the years has included children's yoga, pre-natal and post natal classes, young women's groups, yoga for stress management, gentle yoga for illness, corporate yoga classes, fitness centre classes, yoga teacher training programs and retreats.

Tanya is dedicated to her own yoga practice and to her students and believes that the practice of yoga and meditation can greatly aid in the process of healing and transformation with Ayahuasca and the traditional Andean Medicine Ways.

Gerard Williams

Gerard has acquired the much needed experience to successfully support and facilitate the powerful and transformative retreats provided by Earth Spirit Yoga.

Gerard spent 20 years in the sales and marketing profession specialising in electronics and ran his own very successful company. He developed many skills in business management, development and presentation that provide the necessary elements to enable a business to meet the needs of its customers.

With a Yoga Practice spanning more than 40 years and 20 years of integrating Medicine Ways knowledge, Gerard brings vital wisdom and understanding to empower those seeking the profound healing, life changes and awareness available during Earth Spirit Yoga retreats.

Gerard began his yoga practice with the renowned yogi Baba Muktananda and today spends significant time each year under the guidance of Baba's successor Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nityanand Saraswati of Shanti Mandir.

For 2 decades Gerard has closely supported and assisted Chiefs of the Great Sioux Nation with ceremonies and global peace initiatives through NGOs and in recent times has developed a sustainable building program on the Northern Plains Reservations.

It was almost 20 years ago with special invitation from the Shaur Nation of the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle that Gerard first experienced the power and insights of the magical teacher plant Ayahuasca. Inspired and guided, Gerard continued a deep relationship with the wisdom of this medicine and has been an apprentice maestro in Peru now for a decade.

Gerard has been working closely with members of the Andean medicine people of the Q'eros community for a decade and completed more formal studies in their ways. In 2015 Gerard was taken through a powerful initiation ceremony at beautiful Apu Ausangate.

Gerard firmly believes that real understanding of any tradition lies in the first hand experience gained by being with the keepers of the tradition and that formalised courses and workshops minimise true insight into the wisdom and prefers to mention the experiential aspects of his training and involvement with traditional ways.


Retreats &


Community Projects

Native America & Peru

“Solutions for the Future Generations of Wisdom Keepers”

Proceeds from our retreats help with funding for our

Northern Plains Reservations Traditional Programs and Centres for Native Youth and our Andean School project.

Our Teachers:

  1. Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa.

  2. Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nityanand Saraswati- Founder of Shanti Mandir Ashrams.

  3. Sri Swami Satchidananda - Integral Yoga Founder.

  4. Chief Arvol Looking Horse - 19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Ceremonial Bundle, Spiritual Leader of the Great Sioux Nation and Founder of Wolakota Foundation - World Peace & Prayer Day.

  5. Chief Chris Leith - Dakota Tribe, recently departed to the spirit world. We honour and respect this great man.

  6. Q'eros Community of Medicine People of the Andes, Peru.

  7. The Shuar, Amazonian Community of Ecuador.

  8. Our Maestro Jaguar Shaman of the Peruvian Amazon.

  9. Chief Jacob Sanderson and Shirley Sanderson, Cree Nation

  10. Chief Chasing Eagle. Lakota

  11. Lorain Fox Davies - Blackfoot

  12. Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim - Takelma

  13. Master Zhen Hua Yang - Calligraphy Health System

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