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Our magical journey together begins in the Amazon jungle town of Puerto Maldonado.

From here we travel for two hours by motorised canoe down river to our jungle lodge where a beautiful lunch will be waiting for us.

After lunch we have time to relax and explore our surroundings before dinner and our evening opening/setting of intentions ceremony.

During our time in the jungle we will have the opportunity to experience deep, powerful and traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies and despacho (offering) ceremonies to Pachamama (Mother Earth).

On the days following our plant medicine ceremonies we will share together as a group to review our intentions and process our experiences from the evening’s ceremony. 

Our accommodation is a beautiful Amazonian lodge. This well organised and facilitated venue will cater to all our needs allowing us to relax and fully immerse ourselves in the transformative aspects of our stay.

Rooms are twin or triple share luxurious jungle bungalows each with a private bathroom. Also there are hammocks and various lounge areas.

We will also enjoy daily hatha yoga, meditation and deep yoga relaxation, relaxing mud baths, river swims, guided jungle walks and heavenly hammock naps while feasting on healthy local food and fresh Amazon fruit juices.

You have the option to extend your experience by continuing on our Three Worlds Wisdom Keepers Retreat as we journey through the Sacred Valley of the Inka and to Apu Ausangate or Lake Titicaca with the Q'ero shamans.



Amazon Jungle is included in all

Wisdom Keepers Retreats & Expeditions

Join us and immerse yourself in the magic of ceremony with a powerful native Amazonian shaman. Experience the sacred healing and visionary medicine, Ayahuasca. The transformations are amazing. We encourage you to come and experience the potency of these ceremonies and truly become all you can be.

In the Amazon we awaken and reconnect with the earth and the deepest part of our being as we travel down a winding river deep into the jungle. Here we enter what the Inka call Ukhupacha (the under world), the place of intuition, dreams and the subconscious. We journey deeply with the powerful healing teacher plant and medicine, Ayahuasca, the sacred ‘vine of the soul’. These journeys can be very strong as the medicine cleanses and purifies us and guides us with awareness and informative visions. 

 As we focus our vision, we witness the power of our higher consciousness and the Great Mystery that we need to see to embrace our own purpose and direction. 

These ceremonies are held under the safety and guidance of our Amazonian Maestro (plant doctor). He comes from an impeccable lineage of plant doctors in Peru and with his more than 45 years of experience is a well known and highly regarded Jaguar Shaman. We feel it is essential to be lead by the very best native traditional shaman that Peru has to offer when traveling so far for this medicine. You will have the opportunity to journey deeply in a safe and comfortable environment with our shaman and with the support of Tanya and Gerard.

On the days following our plant medicine ceremonies we will share together as a group to review our intentions and process our experiences from the evening’s ceremony. Each evening before our ceremony we have the opportunity for individual consultation with our shaman and to hear him speak about the medicine ceremonies and his experiences working with the Spirit world. You will have the chance to ask questions and receive guidance and deeper insights into your experiences with the plant medicine.

This is a unique and very special opportunity made possible by our years of dedicated work and close relationship with this remarkable medicine man.  



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