Deep in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest grows a sacred vine known for its magical powers. This vine is known by many names. One of the most common of these is Ayahuasca.  In the Quechua language, Aya means spirit or ancestor, and Huasca means vine or rope. Ayahuasca is often called ‘the vine of the soul.’

Ayahuasca is considered by the Amazon's tribes to be one of the Master "teacher plants". Shamans of the Peruvian Andes and Amazon jungle have used this medicine for centuries as an essential part of their traditional medicine for healing and as a way of expanding consciousness. The plants reveal to us the true world, while the normal world is considered an illusion.

The experience of an Ayahuasca ceremony is very personal and different for everyone.

It can often be a very powerful experience of releasing and healing and of communion with the earth and the realms of Spirit.

We begin our Amazon ceremonies with thorough preparation and guidance and with our many years of experience in guiding people through these journeys you will feel safe, supported, informed and excited. You will be completely ready for this deep spiritual experience.

Before and after each ceremony we sit with our Amazon Maestro.

He offers each person personal guidance and wisdom in order to help us to work as deeply as possible with the medicine.

At these times he will also talk with individuals about their healing, physical or otherwise, either in the group setting or privately.

Tanya and Gerardo also facilitate discussion and integration sessions after each ceremony.

These sessions are invaluable during our powerful days of deep work together.

With 10 years apprenticeship with our Maestro and almost 20 years with Ayahuasca, Gerardo will be working alongside the Maestro in the medicine journey facilitating deep cleansing and helping to guide the journeys.

Tanya will be there to assist you with anything you may need and to translate for the Maestro and will be fully present (Not drinking the medicine) to allow you to let go, trust and journey deeply.


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