The Stunning 
Lake Titicaca
Peru & Bolivia


Lake Tititcaca is the 3rd leg of these Wisdom Keepers events
Three Worlds Titicaca TM

We travel together in our private transportation to magnificent Lake Titicaca.

Lake Titicaca is the legendary birthplace of the Inka. We experience traditional rituals and ceremonies on the islands of the sacred lake as well as daily yoga and meditation classes.

We will visit various islands, sacred sites, temples and portals of the spiritual Inka and pre-Inka both in Peru and Bolivia and participate in traditional ceremony with our Q’ero shamans.
We visit and experience overnight stays on the beautiful islands of the lake experiencing ceremony at the ancient island temples to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and taking part in a unique way of life virtually unchanged in hundreds of years.

Together we will have unforgettable experiences in this magical place, the legendary birthplace of the first Inka.

 We will continue our travels together with our Peruvian family (Our guide, Q’ero shamans, cook and driver) as we explore these powerful sacred sites and beautiful islands. There will also be the opportunity for personal healing ceremonies with the Q’ero shamans each evening.

We conclude our retreat with two nights in the stunning city of La Paz where we explore magical markets and intriguing city plazas and historic buildings.

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