Medicine Dream TM

Wisdom Keepers Expeditions TM

Our Medicine Dream Expedition allows for a deeper experience of traditional Peruvian medicine ways with our authentic traditional Master Shamans.

We combine the beauty and the power of the Amazon Jungle and it's sacred healing plant medicine, Ayahuasca, with the heart opening, earth honouring rituals and initiations of the Andean Q’ero medicine people, the descendants of the Inka.

Together with the Q'ero, we journey to ancient Inka Temples in the Sacred Valley to experience the power of their wisdom teachings, ceremonies and sacred rites. 

This Expedition will clear and clean your very being, reconnect and guide you to your higher purpose and allow you to relate with the world like never before.

Amazon Jungle, Sacred Valley. Peru

Medicine Dream TM  16 Days

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Medicine Dream

Amazon Jungle, Sacred Valley



May 1st to 17th                  16 Days      US$3990


October 1st to 17th                16 Days      US$3990  


May 1st to 17th                  16 Days      US$3990


Amazon Jungle - 9 Days      

  1. 9 nights accommodation in jungle lodge, twin or triple share with private bathroom.
  2. 3 meals per day.

  3. Ayahuasca ceremonies.

  4. Integration & support sessions with Gerard & Tanya following each ceremony.

  5. Daily Yoga classes (optional).

  6. Daily jungle excursions with native Amazon guide

Sacred Valley of the Inka - 7 Days

  1. 7 nights accommodation in Sacred Valley hotel, twin or triple share with private bathroom. (May Expeditions)
  2. 6 night accommodation in Sacred Valley hotel, twin or triple share with private bathroom, 1 night camping at Hot Springs (Camping equipment provided)

  3. Visit stunning Inka Temples and Sacred Sites including Machu Picchu

  4. Delicious fresh lunches served onsite

  5. Meals per day include breakfast & lunch.

  6. Traditional Andean Despacho & Karpay ceremonies.

  7. Daily yoga classes (optional).

Not included:

  1. Airfares, including Peru internal flights.

  2. Individual Q’ero healing sessions.

  3. Gratuities offered to guides & medicine people.

  4. Dinners in the Sacred Valley.


Extra Information

Group Bookings

Upon request Earth Spirit Yoga offers group discounts.

Please call for details.


Contact us for registration forms in order to join the Earth Spirit Yoga retreats.

Single rooms are available upon request at an extra cost.

Booking Service

Upon request Earth Spirit Yoga offers a service to arrange your whole itinerary including all flight, extra accommodation and travel insurance bookings at competitive prices. Cost - AU$250.


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Our Retreat proceeds help fund our Native School Projects

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