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Earthship Housing & School Project

In 2012 we began our first Earthship project on the Reservations in South Dakota, North America. This has been a long held dream to introduce the Earthship technology to the reservations. This is an initiative in which we have volunteered our time and have grass roots funded. 

The response to this project has been positive and will give the tribes access to more sustainable renewable and self sufficient low cost building technology. We hope this is to be the first of many..

We are planning to help build an school for the reservation youth. Our Earthship project in 2012 is a test case to introduce Earthship technology as a possible construction method for the institute buildings.

In 2013 we designed the school and hopefully construction will begin within 24 months. It will be a residential institute built by the student-teacher community and serve as a global model for integrated learning and sustainability for Native Communities throughout the Americas.

The school curriculum will include advanced technologies, renewable resource technologies as well as traditional culture. It will provide an environment for the discovery of unique, individual gifts and talents and for utilising these gifts to build a model for sustainable global community.

In 2014 we continued work on our current Earthship which is a ceremonial lodge and demonstration model. With more work done on the external and internal render we are closer to completion. We have now installed a 1000 gallon water harvest system.

We raised donations of over US$2000 dollars, building materials estimated at $15,000 and a pledge of a stand alone solar power system. These materials and the balance of the funds will be utilised on the second Earthship.

In 2015 we have moved one major step closer to starting construction of the our second building to begin in July 2016. The crew at Earthships in New Mexico have registered their interest to help get this initiative started.  More on this exciting news to come.

Our annual visits to the reservations of South Dakota have encouraged us to contribute and be of service to these First Nation people. From the organisation of World Peace and Prayer Day in Australia in 2003 and South Dakota in 2005 and participation in World Peace and Prayer Day events since 2001, to supporting a multitude of ceremonies and initiatives of the Wodakota Foundation. More recently is the development of Earthship based housing, Lodges and a traditional school in South Dakota.

World Peace and Prayer Day

We have been supporting and
volunteering with the organisation of World Peace and Prayer Day, a gathering of all faiths, all nations in one prayer since 2001 when Chief Arvol Lookinghorse took the teachings of the White Buffalo Calf Prophecy to the world. We were the key organisers for the gathering in Australia in 2003 and in South Dakota in 2005 and have participated and helped with World Peace and Prayer Day events since 2001.

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Northern Plains Reservations Traditional Programs and Centres for Native Youth and our Andean School project.

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