The Q’ero

The Q’ero are direct descendant of the Spiritual Inka. 
They live in the Q'ero community high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. 
The Q’ero teachings and ceremonial experiences are based on the 
expression of Munay, the Quechua word for powerful,
 deep, compassionate love.

The Q’ero ceremonies include the Despacho and the Karpay rites. 

The Despacho ceremony connects us with all the elements of our world embodying our dreams, prayers, intentions and gratitude.

The Karpay rites, the origin of the well known ‘Munay Ki’, are energetic transmissions connecting us to the lineage of the Q’ero and a doorway to sacred power and purpose. These are transformative transmissions of energy that inspirit us all to be potent Earth keepers.


Despacho ceremonies are traditional Andean offering ceremonies.

They contain prayers, prayers for Pachamama, Mother Earth. Burning or burying the despacho in the earth releases these prayers.

In metaphorical terms a despacho is an entire universe. It contains the four directions, the sky, the earth, the Apus, everything in our cosmos. It holds our dreams, our prayers and our intentions.

The making of a despacho is an ancient ceremony from the Andes. Prayers are blown into all of the symbolic objects and a beautiful universe is slowly constructed from leaves, food and all kinds of other materials.

In this universe there is respect and care for Mother Earth, sweetness, abundance, health, wealth, the mountains, the stars, the forests, the clouds, the oceans, the entire world, the entire galaxy and all of us.

The completed despacho is tied and offered to the fire, releasing the prayers and intentions.

A karpay is an initiation ritual or rite, an energetic transmission of the teacher’s own power and spiritual lineage. It is a doorway, an opening to sacred power.

These rites are a direct transmission of all the knowledge and wisdom of each shaman including that of the lineage of medicine people that came before him.

The transmission is done in sacred space using the shaman’s mesa (bundle of healing stones and power objects), intention and breath.  

The personal healing sessions are performed in sacred space using the shaman’s mesa (bundle of healing stones and power objects)

These ceremonies cleanse, energise, heal and transform our being on all levels, deepening our connection with Mother Earth and with ourselves

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